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I advocate for working conditions and cultures designed for real people. Where it's possible to show up as our full selves. My goal is not just to name and describe problems, but also to give leaders a viable path forward.

When I craft advice for leaders, I pull from my training, research, and professional experiences. But I also lean on my values and take inspiration from my life off-campus as a dad, husband, son, sibling, gardener, runner, bookworm, home chef, and coffee fiend. 


A Unique Perspective

I'm a professor, but started as a staff member in residence life, academic affairs, and the office of the provost.

I'm an expert in higher education leadership, management, and finance, but with an orientation towards data-driven storytelling. 

I love a good journal article, but have recently focused on translating research into impact through popular media, podcasts, and presentations.

I carefully track trends across higher education, but my passion is for regional and broad-access institutions that are too often overlooked.



University of Richmond

Bachelor of Arts - History and Spanish


University of Maryland

Master of Arts - International Education Policy 


University of Maryland

Doctor of Philosophy - International Education Policy

Professional Experience and Leadership

Screenshot 2023-04-30 at 9.52.57 AM.png
  • Murphy Distinguished Scholar of Education and Associate Professor of Higher Education, University of North Carolina at Wilmington ​​​​

    I'm first and foremost a teacher and mentor. I teach courses on finance, legal issues, and organization and governance of higher education. Helping students grow and graduate is central to my purpose in higher education. 

ARRC_Full Gradient.jpg
  • Co-Founder and Director of Public Engagement, Alliance for Research on Regional Colleges 

    My work is appreciative and strengths-based. When my colleagues and I grew tired of media, policy, and funders overlooking or maligning regional and broad-access colleges, we created ARRC. Our work focuses on building up these institutions and the communities they serve. My job is to help get the story out.

  • Team leader or collaborator on contract-based and grant-funded research

    My goal is to get useful research into the hands of leaders and policymakers. This means working on projects that are accessible and actionable. 

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