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The Caring University: Reimagining the Higher Education Workplace after the Great Resignation 

Under contract with Johns Hopkins University Press! The Caring University explains and illustrates six organizational changes to help college leaders improve the higher education workplace in the wake of the Great Resignation. It is a research-based resource that diagnoses major problems of the higher education workplace and offers practical ideas to address them as part of a sustainable change process. Pursuing change towards the caring university can help college leaders retain talent, better serve students, prepare for contemporary challenges, and achieve organizational goals.


Unlocking Opportunity Through Broadly Accessible Institutions 

This groundbreaking resource highlights the unique mission and purpose of bachelor’s degree granting accessible institutions (BAIs), exploring the challenges and opportunities present within these institutions, and offering a counterpoint to the current dialogue that frames these institutions with a deficit-perspective.


Regional Public Universities: Addressing Misconceptions and Analyzing Contributions 

In recent years, a small but growing group of researchers has sought to provide a more nuanced picture of regional public universities (RPUs) that better recognizes their past, present, and future contributions to higher education in the United States. We brought together many of these researchers to write chapters for this volume and, in so doing, aimed to advance the study of this vitally important sector. The chapters in this volume address misconceptions about RPUs and describe their contributions through a combination of data, scholarly literature and theory, and professional experience.

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