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Campus leaders must proactively affirm the necessity of DEI and protect the employees across institutions engaged in this work

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Amid state-budget cuts and political attacks, some institutions are neglecting their workers.

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Applicants for higher education jobs are weighing the low pay, exhaustive list of qualifications...

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We have a unique opportunity in higher ed to not chain ourselves to tradition.


Faculty members aren't leaving in droves, but they are increasingly pulling away. 

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Higher ed used to be insulated from the whims of the labor market. No more. 

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They've been treated shamefully, but they're more resilient than people give them credit for.

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It's not just physical or psychological exhaustion, it's everything together.


Although a crisis isn't the ideal time to build up trust capital, it's never too late for a leader to center honesty, humility and shared governance.


It shouldn't take a surprise basketball win to bring attention to public regional universities. 

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Countless publications from policy centers, entrepreneurs, and journalists talk about how to fix college, but not enough books about higher education are written by scholars.

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Higher education has a compensation problem.

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Colleges have done a spectacularly bad job of managing talent.


It hasn't just been a tough two years. It's been a tough two decades. 

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Right now, culture is probably the most important thing that leaders can be thinking about.


We can’t build a caring university while disregarding the wellbeing of people who signed up to lead.


Leaders are exercising a sort of selective amnesia about the trauma of the past 18 months.


A dose of humility can ensure those hard choices don't lead to irreparable harm.


Colleges have a responsibility to pursue truth and encourage others to do the same.


People did not want to be thanked, congratulated or assured that the institution will emerge from this crisis better and stronger.


Big-time athletics and entrepreneurship are taking over one landmark at the University of Maryland. Is someplace on your campus next?

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